Weekend projects

                                  Wanting to tackle a project at your place but only have a weekend to spare? Resene has joined forces with local designers and magazines to provide a large variety of projects and crafts — everything from outdoor projects, furniture refinishing, interior decorating to art or custom painted items. New projects are being added in every month showcasing the latest colours, trends and decorating ideas.

                                  To view the PDF downloads of the step by step instructions, available via links on the web pages below, you will need Acrobat Reader.

                                  Designer DIY and DIY hacks - project ideas and inspiration from local designers

                                  Make an wall hanging
                                  Creative wall hangings

                                  Everyone loves a Kmart hack, and these circular-shaped wire... more
                                  Easter centerpiece
                                  Easy Easter centrepiece

                                  Use tonal paint trends to create a dreamy, decorative Easter... more
                                  Summer hats
                                  Customised summer hats

                                  Try adding on-trend colour to a simple straw sun hat... more
                                  Word art
                                  Spell out a sign

                                  Make your own unique wall art and spell out a fun message!.. more
                                  Paint a tallboy
                                  Colour pop tallboy

                                  Renovate a bland old piece of furniture by giving it a spectacular... more
                                  Paint an arty pattern on a printed artwork
                                  Personalise a print!

                                  Add your own creative flair to a shop-bought art print... more
                                  Paint a design on a wooden box
                                  Paint on a crate

                                  Think of this project as an opportunity to paint mindfully... more
                                  Painted coat hanger art
                                  Painted coat hanger art

                                  Paint coat hangers to display your own abstract art... more
                                  Photo booth
                                  Make a photo booth

                                  Perfect for baby showers, hen’s parties, kid’s birthdays and more... view

                                  Nadia magazine - DIY projects

                                  Stencil a tote bag
                                  It’s in the bag

                                  Transform a plain bag into a summery tote with this pretty motif... more
                                  Paint a bedroom headboard
                                  Out of the woods

                                  Relax into the festive season by fashioning festive candleholders... more
                                  Make a side table
                                  A spot to relax

                                  Create your own little haven of calm by teaming a comfy seat... more
                                  Paint a bedroom headboard
                                  Underneath the arches

                                  The graceful curves and soothing tones of this easy-to-make headboard set the scene... more
                                  Paint a cabinet inside for a colourful suprise
                                  Open sesame

                                  Bring a humble wooden cabinet to life with this zingy, inside-out surprise... more
                                  Make a pegboard
                                  The hole shebang

                                  Dream up a gorgeous colour scheme for this pegboard then style away... more
                                  Painted serving boards
                                  Brilliant boards

                                  Transform plain serving boards into pastel-toned works of art with a few pots of paint... more
                                  Ombre-effect shelves
                                  Sunrise shelf

                                  Display your prettiest items on these ombre-effect shelves and enjoy a beautiful sunrise... more
                                  Magnetic chalk board
                                  Chalk it up

                                  Combine a chalk calendar with a nifty magnetic board to keep the whole family on track and on time... more
                                  Paint a letter
                                  A types

                                  Whether you choose your own initial, create a family monogram or come up with something... more
                                  Box organisers
                                  Organised chaos

                                  Creative play is essential for kids, but keeping their bits and bobs in order is essential for you... more
                                  Stylish planter box
                                  Get your greens

                                  We’ve given this wooden planter box a new lease of life with a stylish Resene paint finish and a bounty of fresh... view
                                  Wooden stool
                                  Creative vision

                                  Here we’ve turned a plain wooden stool into an eye-catching outdoor essential with nothing but a lick... view
                                  DIY Bird Feeter
                                  A bird in the hand

                                  This DIY bird feeder is a cinch to construct and looks lovely with a lick of Resene paint and wood stain... view
                                  Potted colour
                                  Potted colour

                                  Transform a plain concrete planter into an eye-catching work of modern art and bring nature... view

                                  Woman's Day magazine - Painting three ways projects

                                  Easter treats
                                  Easter treats

                                  Get creative with these egg-cellent craft ideas... more
                                  Striped crafts for your holidays
                                  For Waitangi Day

                                  Simple stripes create stunning results with these great craft ideas... more
                                  Spring projects - flowers, vege markers, painted pots
                                  Christmas crafts

                                  Make some festive cheer with these simple yet magical crafts... more
                                  Spring projects - flowers, vege markers, painted pots
                                  Celebrate the season

                                  Spring into action with these blooming lovely ideas... more
                                  Painted ice block hooks, platters and stones
                                  School holiday craft

                                  How to splash some colour around our homes and gardens... more
                                  Upcycling for school holidays
                                  School holiday craft

                                  Give your kids’ imaginations a workout with these down-to-earth ideas... more
                                  Upcycling for winter
                                  Upcycling for winter

                                  Repurpose common items at home with these crafty ideas... more
                                  Make easter treats for easter fun.
                                  An easter hunt

                                  Make Easter fun with these crafty ideas from Emily Somerville-Ryan... more
                                  Make summer crafts - jars, canisters and salad servers.
                                  Summer craft

                                  A summery lift with fun fruity homewares and paint inspiration... more
                                  Painting three ways.
                                  This Christmas

                                  This Christmas, add some cheer to your home with these crafty ideas... more

                                  Australian Women's Weekly - Craft with Resene projects

                                  Memory game
                                  Mind games

                                  This matching pairs memory game is great for brain-training... more
                                  Make stylish artwork
                                  Shape shifter

                                  Create one-of-a-kind artwork that’s inexpensive, eye-catching... more
                                  Easter decorations.
                                  A sweet wreath

                                  Decorate your house for Easter with this cute wreath... more
                                  Make bowls to keep your trinkets in.
                                  Trinket keepers

                                  Keep tiny bits and bobs organised with these adorable little bowls... more
                                  Display your photos
                                  Picture this

                                  These versatile holders can be used to display favourite photos... more
                                  Make words that have meaning to you and your family
                                  Love letters

                                  Make words that have meaning to you and your family... more
                                  Crafted containers for many uses
                                  Textural tumblers

                                  These artfully crafted vessels have heaps of uses. Simple and on-trend... more
                                  Make eggs with paper cutouts and bunny ears
                                  Eggs & bunny ears

                                  Choose pretty paper to make découpage eggs and bunny ear napkins... more
                                  Make an cake stand
                                  Take a stand

                                  Make a pastel-hued cake stand for a display of Easter treats... more
                                  Make a birdfeeder for your garden

                                  Be entertained by birds enticed to your garden bird feeder... more
                                  Paint wallpaper to make designer gift wrap
                                  Wrapped in style

                                  Create elegantly adorned gifts in classic black and white... more
                                  Make a santa sack for your christmas
                                  Santa’s family

                                  These super-cute figures can be used to create a Christmas scene... more
                                  Make a santa sack for your christmas
                                  Special delivery

                                  Create a family tradition for your children or grandchildren... more
                                  Make a christmas nook
                                  Winter wonderland

                                  Create an adorable winter-themed nook with a snowy feel... more
                                  Make table coasters and placemats
                                  Set the scene

                                  Create a Christmas table with a lovingly handmade feel... more
                                  Make a christmas advent calendar
                                  The big build-up

                                  Add an ornament every day for an advent calendar with a difference... more
                                  Make a christmas star decoration
                                  A snowy glow

                                  Add a gentle warmth to your Christmas decoration... more
                                  Make a christmas star decoration
                                  Simply starry

                                  This cleverly understated take on the Christmas star... more
                                  Make a felt fir tree for your Christmas table
                                  Felted fir trees

                                  Soft pastel Christmas trees will make a pretty statement on your table... more
                                  Make a Glowing lamp
                                  Golden glow

                                  Marsha Smith shows you how to craft illuminating centrepieces... more
                                  Wallpapered wall hanging, painted vases and trinket trays
                                  Pretty tidy

                                  Jazz up the bedroom with a wall hanging and trinket trays... more
                                  Make a photo wall hanging
                                  Picture this

                                  Make a modern display of your favourite pics with this cute photo wall hanging... more
                                  Botanical coasters
                                  Botanical coasters

                                  Impress your guests and protect surfaces with these unique wooden coasters... more
                                  Paint chopping boards to store your shopping lists
                                  Board notes

                                  You’ll never forget those important shopping items or appointments with these write-on boards... more
                                  Air plant wall hangers
                                  Air plant plaques

                                  Decorate small sunny nooks or bare walls with cute decorative hanging plant plaques... more
                                  Make a candle holder
                                  Candle creations

                                  Who would have thought pine chair feet could make such an amazing addition to your home décor... more
                                  Paint a trinket box
                                  Trinket box

                                  Who can resist a treasure chest? Make this little gem for storing your own jewellery, or as a gift... more
                                  Paint a shopping bag
                                  Artistic shopping bag

                                  Less is best – plastic that is. So what better way to help the environment than to create your own shopping bag?... more
                                  Make an beachy mirror
                                  Coastal cool

                                  Transform a simple mirror into a modern piece of art with a wonderful coastal vibe... more
                                  Customise your office space
                                  Home office

                                  Get organised this year with these handy storage ideas for the office or kids’ corner... more
                                  Make christmas themed decorations
                                  December delights

                                  Have fun creating your own Christmas decor with Resene’s festive... more
                                  Cactus themed crafts
                                  DIY cacti

                                  How to create some super-cute and affordable cactus-themed crafts... more
                                  Skater clock
                                  Paint a wooden platter

                                  Use Resene’s beautiful paint palette to create a serving tray fit for a queen... more
                                  Skater clock
                                  Skater clock

                                  Whichever clock you choose to make, start by giving the skate deck a light sand and dust... more
                                  Painted garden stones
                                  Garden stones

                                  River-stone markers the perfect way to identify your freshly planted seeds... more
                                  Painted glass bottles
                                  Painted glass bottles

                                  Painted glass bottles make a stylish display on their own... more
                                  Make a sloth pin board
                                  Pin it - Sleepy sloth

                                  Creating a mood board or pinboard to keep household notes tidy is easy... more
                                  Make a pretty tea box
                                  Tea gift boxes

                                  A beautifully decorated box filled with aromatic tea... more
                                  Handpainted Easter Eggs
                                  Nest eggs

                                  Create a display of gorgeous handpainted eggs for your home this Easter... more
                                  Christmas decorations
                                  Woodland christmas decorations

                                  Personalise your tree this year with adorable homemade woodland characters... more
                                  Christmas DIY - make a Christmas tree
                                  Deck your halls

                                  Hang your stockings with pride this year by making these simple yet beautiful hangers... more

                                  Homestyle magazine - Paint projects, trends, fashion colours

                                  Textured paint effects
                                  Touch of paradise

                                  This sun-drenched courtyard brings the feels with a clever textural effect... more
                                  Painting the floors and walls with decorative effects
                                  Outside the lines

                                  Go rogue in high style by using paint in unexpected places... more
                                  Citrus segments
                                  Citrus segments

                                  Swap neutral colours for fruity hues in well-positioned blocks... more
                                  On trend colours
                                  Get up on this

                                  There’s a look for every aesthetic – what’s your jam?... more
                                  Painted entranceway stripe
                                  Make an entrance

                                  Turn an everyday thoroughfare into a home highlight... more
                                  Timeless hues
                                  Live forever

                                  Set a mood you’ll want to stick with using timeless hues... more
                                  Moonlight shadow rainbow colours
                                  Imagine that - Moonlight shadow

                                  Don’t be afraid of the dark — this richly toned rainbow ‘headboard’ invites the soundest of sleeps... more
                                  Using bold colours
                                  Imagine that - Eye spy

                                  Excite an enquiring mind with a playroom mural that features colourful hieroglyphic-like shapes... more
                                  Soothing colours for a bedroom
                                  Lay low

                                  Soothing blues and browns make for a sleep space you’ll be happy to hide out in... more
                                  Using bold colours
                                  Panel discussion

                                  Okay, let’s talk about bold colours – how do you combine them... more
                                  A chic bach
                                  Escape plan

                                  Everyone knows the best baches are simple, Juliette Wanty nostalgic and low-maintenance... more
                                  Gender neutral kids murals
                                  Looks like fun

                                  Here are two gender-neutral mural ideas that are neat for kids and easy on parents’ eyes too... more
                                  Frame the view
                                  All I see is you

                                  Frame the view inside or out to create a dynamic work of ever-changing art.... more
                                  Soft focus - how to colourwash walls
                                  Soft focus

                                  Colourwashed walls in a calming dusty nude blur the line between contemporary and good old-fashioned... more
                                  Winter's Tale
                                  Winter's tale

                                  Some say it’s the actual worst, but we like to think of the rainy season as a good reason for some guilt-free... more
                                  Industrial moodboard
                                  Hanging out

                                  This handy industrial moodboard makes for an easy Saturday afternoon project... more
                                  Hold me closer
                                  Hold me closer

                                  If it all gets a bit much, retreat to a space where moody blue and smoky grey create acalming cocoon... more
                                  Combining paint colours
                                  We go together

                                  We all have one of those friends, the type who knows just how to combine paint colours... more
                                  Childrens bedroom colours
                                  Wonder walls

                                  A couple of easy ways to create sleep spaces for children that are all about fun, fun... more
                                  Herringbone painted floor effect
                                  Team players

                                  How to create a green and off-white herringbone effect floor... more
                                  Create a cute abstract mobile
                                  Art mobile

                                  Create a cute abstract mobile... more
                                  Pretty painted handles make handy hangers
                                  Coloured knobs

                                  Pretty painted handles make handy hangers and double as cute... more
                                  Create an indoor activities mat
                                  Activities mat

                                  Create a designated spot to enjoy the great indoors... more
                                  Use bold patterns and colours to create your own leafy outdoor oasis with painted planters
                                  Tropical patterned planters

                                  Use bold patterns and colours to create your own leafy outdoor oasis... more

                                  A Memphis setting

                                  The wild stylings of the 80s Memphis design movement are back... view
                                  How to make a pegboard organiser, a great addition to your entranceway
                                  Make an entrance

                                  This pegboard organiser is a great addition to your entranceway... view

                                  Make it shine

                                  Create your own abstract graphic headboard with a simple stencil and metallic paint... view

                                  Child's play

                                  Creating a space for active play is easy with magnetic, chalk and write-on varieties of paint... view
                                  Make a wall hanging
                                  Paint and peel

                                  Use this simple technique, paint and peel, and make a wall hanging... view

                                  Courtyard project

                                  How to create coloured and textured effects for your planters... view
                                  Making economic use of space in a caravan refit
                                  Home on wheels

                                  You don’t need a lot of space to feel at home... view
                                  Vibrant colours for outdoor lounging furniture
                                  Lawn lounging

                                  Lazy summer days call for comfort and colour outdoors... view
                                  Working with light and dark
                                  Working with light and dark

                                  How to brighten dark colour schemes for your interior... view
                                  Choose some bright accent colours  for your kitchen
                                  Kitchen colours

                                  Kitchen designer Mal Corboy takes us through his latest creation... view
                                  Open plan living
                                  Open the doors

                                  Create the great outdoors in your own backyard... view
                                  Stylish storage for bruhes and brooms
                                  Spring clean

                                  Shut the door no more on laundries, cupboards and sheds... view
                                  How to create your dream kitchen
                                  Cook up a kitchen

                                  We have the recipe for creating your dream kitchen... view
                                  Tips for creating a cosy interior with colour and accesories
                                  Warm up your home

                                  Ease the transition from Summer to Autumn with tips... view
                                  How to make an excellent entrtance to your home
                                  Welcome home

                                  First impressions count, and the entry to your home is no exception... view
                                  Improve the indoor-outdoor flow in your home
                                  Take it outside

                                  Open up your home to the sunshine and enjoy alfresco living... view
                                  Your kitchen planner
                                  Your kitchen planner

                                  Here's our comprehensive guide to the kitchen... view
                                  Renovating bathrooms

                                  How to plan and budget for your bathroom makeover... view
                                  Open plan living
                                  Open plan living

                                  Modern life is no longer lived in small rooms... view

                                  Weekend DIY with Mark Rayner

                                  Paint a blue succulent trough
                                  #72 Succulent trough

                                  It’s easy to create this simple blue succulent trough... more
                                  Paint a terracotta pot
                                  #71 Aged terracotta pot

                                  It’s easy to age a brand new terracotta pot using Resene Karen Walker... more
                                  Paint a concrete pad in your garden
                                  #70 Concrete pad

                                  Transform a dull concrete pad into an attractive seating area... more
                                  Make an raised garden bed
                                  #69 Painted raised bed

                                  Add interest to a corner of the garden with this painted raised bed... more
                                  Paint distressed effect on garden shelves
                                  #68 Distressed garden shelves

                                  It’s easy to create a distressed paint effect using two contrasting Resene colours... more
                                  Mini cold frame garden
                                  #67 Mini cold frame

                                  Grow seeds or cuttings during the cooler months with this easy-to-make cold frame... more
                                  Make a bird bath
                                  #66 Bird bath

                                  Brighten up a corner of the garden with this easy-to-build bird bath... more
                                  Make a plant box
                                  #65 Pot plant holder

                                  Create this colourful indoor pot plant holder with a little bit of help from Resene... more
                                  Paint a corrugated iron fence
                                  #64 Corrugated iron fence

                                  It’s easy to brighten up a tired corrugated iron fence using a fresh Resene gloss finish... more
                                  Make a planter box
                                  #63 Berry planter box

                                  Inject a splash of bright red into the garden with this colourful planter box... more
                                  Make greenhouse shelves
                                  #62 Greenhouse shelves

                                  Create some extra storage in your greenhouse or shed... more
                                  Paint a terracotta pot
                                  #61 Sunflower pot

                                  Transform a plain terracotta pot into a colourful garden feature... more
                                  Paint a metallic mirror
                                  #60 Metallic blue mirror

                                  It’s easy to give a plain framed mirror the metallic ‘wow’ factor... more
                                  Mini garlic bed
                                  #59 Mini garlic bed

                                  Build this mini garlic bed from landscaping timber – perfect... more
                                  Make a recycled fence
                                  #58 Recycled fence

                                  It’s easy to recycle an old wooden bed head into a smart painted fence... more
                                  Paint a stencil house number
                                  #57 Stencilled house number

                                  It’s quick and easy to create this eye-catching house number... more
                                  Re-paint an old window.
                                  #56 Paint a wooden window

                                  When timber surfaces are less than perfect, Resene Timber Surface Prep... more
                                  Paint your patio
                                  #55 Painted patio

                                  It’s easy to revamp an old painted patio... more
                                  Paint a fence
                                  #54 Painted fence

                                  It’s easy to spruce up an old stained wooden fence... more
                                  Make a concrete block garden bed
                                  #53 Block raised garden bed

                                  Recycle some old concrete blocks into a smart raised bed... more
                                  How to paint garden shelves
                                  #52 Garden shelves

                                  Smarten up some old painted outdoor shelves... more
                                  Paint your new herb pots
                                  #51 Paint herb pots

                                  Create these stylish herb pots using a selection of fresh Resene greens... view
                                  Repaint your front gate
                                  #50 Front gate

                                  It’s easy to spruce up an old wooden front gate... view
                                  Paint kitchen cabinets
                                  #49 Paint a planter box

                                  Give a new lease of life to an old wooden planter box... view
                                  Paint kitchen cabinets
                                  #48 Shed wall

                                  Transform a drab shed wall into a fresh feature... view
                                  Paint kitchen cabinets
                                  #47 Kitchen unit

                                  Give old kitchen units a new lease of life... view
                                  How to freshen up an old ceiling
                                  #46 -Tongue and groove ceiling

                                  Freshen up an old tongue and groove ceiling... view
                                  How to brighten up a plain wooden gate
                                  #45 - Garden gate

                                  Brighten up a plain wooden gate... view
                                  How to repaint a shed roof
                                  #44 - Paint a shed roof

                                  Repaint your shed roof using Resene Summit roof paint... view
                                  Turn a plastic watering jug into a planter for potted colour
                                  #43 - Plastic planter

                                  Turn a plastic watering jug into a planter...view
                                  Extend your kitchen windowsill for extra shelf space
                                  #42 - Kitchen windowsill - shelf

                                  Extend the width of your existing windowsill... view
                                  Revamp your tired bathroom
                                  #41 - Bathroom revamp

                                  Create a fresh bathroom space... view
                                  Concrete block herb planter
                                  #40 - Block planter - herbs

                                  A concrete block herb planter... view
                                  Create a new shelf from an old drawer
                                  #39 - Drawer shelf

                                  Create a shelf from an old drawer... view
                                  How to replace a rotten wooden shed window
                                  #38 - Shed window

                                  How to replace a rotten wooden shed window... view
                                  painted plant pot stand
                                  #37 - Plant pot stand

                                  Make a painted plant pot stand using some offcuts of treated timbers... view
                                  Give painted wooden garden boxes a real fresh look
                                  #36 - Raised beds

                                  Refresh painted wooden garden boxes... view

                                  #35 - Terracotta paving

                                  Paint a path to make a terracotta non skid walkway... view

                                  #34 - Strawberry pot

                                  Paint a terracotta strawberry pot... view
                                  Make a wine glass holder from a rake head
                                  #33 - Wine glass holder

                                  Make a wine glass holder from a rake head... view
                                  Build a storage crate
                                  #32 - Storage crate

                                  Make a storage crate... view
                                  Make a house number
                                  #31 - House number

                                  Create this cool classic house number... view
                                  Blackboard clock
                                  #30 - Blackboard clock

                                  Turn a simple wall clock into a bright and funky feature... view
                                  Plant stand from old chair
                                  #29 - Plant stand

                                  Make this stylish outdoor plant stand from a chair... view
                                  Painted fireplace
                                  #28 - Painted fireplace

                                  Transform an old fireplace into a stunning design feature... view
                                  Painting new window frames
                                  #27 - New window frame

                                  Transform the bare wooden sills and surrounds of new white windows... view
                                  Painting wallpaper
                                  #26 - Wallpaper magic

                                  Is easy to cover over old vinyl wallpaper like magic with Resene paints for a fresh new look... view
                                  Painted front door
                                  #25 - Painted front door

                                  Give a tired old front door a fresh new lease of life with Resene colours... view
                                  Lounge feature wall
                                  #24 - Lounge feature wall

                                  Create a sophisticated contemporary look for a lounge feature wall with a two-tone combination... view
                                  Revamp your kitchen with paint
                                  #23 - Kitchen revamp

                                  Instantly freshen up a tired looking kitchen with a subtle palette of crisp minty Resene colours... view
                                  Create a wood grain effect mirror frame
                                  #22 - Wood grain mirror

                                  Transform a MDF framed mirror into a striking feature... view
                                  Golden succulent pot
                                  #21 - Golden succulent pot

                                  Make this shimmering golden garden feature from an old concrete plant pot... view
                                  Crackle effect on lamp base
                                  #20 - Crackle effect lamp

                                  Turn an inexpensive table lamp into an elegant feature for the home with Resene Crackle Effect... view
                                  Rainbow bird table
                                  #19 - Rainbow bird table

                                  A fabulous new top of vibrant colours makes a bird table new again... view
                                  Bathroom cabinet renovation
                                  #18 - Bathroom cabinet
                                  Make a a funky feature from an old bathroom cabinet... view
                                  Two-colour feature wall
                                  #17 - Two-colour feature wall

                                  An eyecatching feature wall is created by by using two vibrant contrasting... view
                                  Framed memo board
                                  #16 - Framed memo board

                                  Turn an old framed picture into a memo board masterpiece... view
                                  Verdigris candle holder
                                  #15 - Verdigris candle holder

                                  Create this fabulous faux verdigris effect using a combination of Resene colours... view
                                  Checkerboard floor
                                  #14 - Checkerboard floor

                                  Transform an old painted particleboard floor into a classic checkerboard design... view
                                  Key hanger
                                  #13 - Key hanger

                                  It’s easy to create this handy key hanger from plywood and cup hooks... view
                                  Whitewash art plinth
                                  #12 - Whitewash art plinth

                                  Turn a rough box into a shabby-chic art plinth using Resene Colorwood Whitewash... view
                                  Silver plant pot
                                  #11 - Silver plant pot

                                  Transform a simple terracotta pot into a metallic masterpiece... view
                                  Mug shelf
                                  #10 - Mug shelf

                                  Build this mini mug shelf in a few hours and use two Resene paint stirrers... view
                                  Cube style games table
                                  #9 - Games table

                                  Keep the kids happy and create this fun cube style games table... view
                                  Mosaic look garden coffee table
                                  #8 - Garden coffee table

                                  Create a fabulous painted mosaic garden coffee table... view
                                  Metallic planter
                                  #7 - Metallic planter

                                  Make this fabulous gold succulent pot using Resene Sandtex and a few Resene testpots.... view
                                  Paint an iron fence
                                  #6 - Storage box

                                  Build this handy MDF storage box with instant chalkboard label using cool Resene colours... view
                                  Paint an iron fence
                                  #5 - Paint an iron fence

                                  Smarten up a corrugated iron fence in a weekend using Resene Lumbersider in a subtle neutral tone... view
                                  Wine bottle rack made from recycled paint cans
                                  #4 - Wine bottle rack

                                  Go green and recycle your old Resene paint tins into this fabulous wine rack... view
                                  Laundry box
                                  #3 - Laundry box

                                  Make this handy laundry box from a cardboard ‘Disbin’ and clean green Resene colours... view
                                  Playground storage unit
                                  #2 - Playground storage unit

                                  Build this easy to build storage unit and brighten up the kids playroom.... view
                                  Make a kitchen memo board
                                  #1 - Kitchen memo board

                                  Create this handy kitchen memo board and spruce up your kitchen with cool Resene colours... view

                                  Your Weekend magazine - DIY projects

                                  How to make a sandpit
                                  Child's play - sandpit

                                  Make this stylish sandpit for lots of stay-at-home fun... view
                                  Make your christmas wrapping paper
                                  That's a wrap

                                  Make your own Christmas wrapping creations that will be like gifts in themselves... view
                                  Build a useful trestle table
                                  Periodic table

                                  Build a practical and stylish trestle table... view
                                  Make some decorative marquee letters with lighting
                                  Sign of the times

                                  Make a bold statement in your home with marquee letters... view
                                  Interesting craft projects using wallpaper
                                  Ways with wallpaper

                                  A roll of wallpaper can provide a cohesive decorative theme... view
                                  An indoor living wall for an apartment
                                  Living wall

                                  A living wall is just the thing for small spaces and apartments... view
                                  Update some old wooden stools with the Scandi look
                                  My kitchen stools

                                  Give your kitchen a touch of Nordic cool... view
                                  A stylish magnetic and chalk noticeboard for kitchen or home office
                                  Notice me

                                  Stylish noticeboards for kitchen or home office... view
                                  Make pallet style shelves
                                  Suit your shelf

                                  How to make rustic wooden pallet-style bookshelves... view
                                  Paint a breakfast tray
                                  Tray chic

                                  How to make a perfect breakfast in bed tray... view

                                  Ply oh my

                                  How to make wall art with some affordable on-trend materials... view
                                  Children's furniture is easily revived and refreshed using Resene paints
                                  Colour me new

                                  Children's furniture is easily revived and refreshed... view

                                  Deck the walls

                                  Create some bold new contemporary Christmas decorations... view
                                  Outdoor table renovation
                                  Table talk

                                  How to spruce up tired outdoor furniture... view

                                  All hands on deck

                                  Prepare your prime outdoor area ready for summer... view
                                  Repainted dining chairs
                                  Sitting pretty

                                  Give a welcome update to your much-loved dining chairs... view
                                  Wooden herb planter
                                  Planting an idea

                                  Brighten up your garden with a new herb planter... view
                                  Wooden herb planter
                                  Hot colours - colour blocking

                                  Jazz up your home with blocks of solid colour... view

                                  Family Times magazine - DIY projects

                                  Paint the childrens garden fence
                                  Hidden surprises

                                  There’s a painted-rock revival roaring through communities... more
                                  Paint the childrens garden fence
                                  Resene rainbow

                                  What better way to brighten up a new fence than with a rainbow... more
                                  Paint a bright masterpiece
                                  Think bright

                                  Add some bright, playful colours to your life, like this piece... more
                                  Painted heart art
                                  Made with love

                                  Little hands love creating things for their family and friends... more
                                  Painted rock ideas
                                  Rock out in your garden

                                  Add some colourful characters to your garden, like this ladybug... more
                                  Sparkly planters
                                  Sparkly planters

                                  Bring some bling and greenery to any occasion... more
                                  Artwork you can see in the dark
                                  Artwork you can see in the dark

                                  Create some artwork that can still be enjoyed well after the lights are out... more
                                  Create a unique gift
                                  The gift of love

                                  There’s nothing more personal than creating a unique gift with your own two hands... more
                                  Christmas DIY - make a Christmas tree
                                  Shimmer me timbers

                                  Transform a pallet with Resene FX Metallic paints, for a Christmas tree that is rustic and radiant... more

                                  Renovate magazine - Decorating inspiration / step by step DIY projects

                                  Beautiful bedrooms
                                  Beautiful bedrooms

                                  Get inspired with these gorgeous bedroom looks... more
                                  Makeover your place with paint
                                  Makeover your place

                                  A new coat of paint can be an instant fix... more
                                  Kids' rooms
                                  Kids' rooms

                                  Brighten up your children's world with a fresh and inspiring colour... more
                                  Hang ten
                                  Hang ten

                                  Windows and window treatments can make or break your rental... more
                                  Bold and beautiful - wallpaper
                                  Bold and beautiful

                                  Happy hues, tempting textures and precious patterns - this season's wallpaper trends... more
                                  Build your own book ends
                                  Build your own bookends

                                  Step by step instructions for building and decorating your own wooden book ends... more
                                  How to build a toy chest
                                  Build a toy chest

                                  Full step-by-step instructions for building a toy chest... more
                                  How to build a storage cube
                                  Build a storage cube

                                  Making your own storage cube is made easy with our step-by-step guide... more
                                  Building wooden toys
                                  Wooden toys for kids

                                  Building wooden toys for your little ones is made easy with our step-by-step guide... more
                                  Building and decorating planter boxes
                                  Planter boxes

                                  With spring around the corner many are keen to plant herbs and flowers... more

                                  Abode magazine - DIY projects

                                  Revitalise a plant stand

                                  Crafting the perfect indoor solution for your greenery... more

                                  Revamp an old light fitting

                                  Add ambience and a touch of elegance to our outdoor living spaces... more
                                  Organise your kitchen with storage jars
                                  Get organised

                                  An easy organisational idea with storage jars... more
                                  Modernise an outdated wooden dining table
                                  Update your dining table

                                  Transform a wooden dining table into a masterpiece... more
                                  Update an old unwanted bedside lamp with a coat of paint
                                  Lighting the way

                                  Update an old unwanted bedside lamp with a coat of paint... more
                                  Add a touch of texture to a kitchen breakfast bar
                                  Get into the groove

                                  Add a touch of texture to a kitchen breakfast bar... more

                                  Restyled furniture

                                  Get creative and up-cycle furniture with paint and patterns... more
                                  Updating old wooden chairs
                                  Seated style

                                  Old wooden dining chairs are given a modern look... more
                                  Upcycle a timber pallet into a coffee table
                                  New lease of life

                                  Upcycle a timber pallet into a delightful coffee table... more

                                  Colourful nest

                                  A set of vintage nesting tables are given a new lease on life... view
                                  Refresh a wooden stool with a coat of paint
                                  Refresh with colour

                                  Modernise an old stool with a lick of paint and a dip of colour... view

                                  Abode magazine - Colour Masterclass series

                                  Cocoon in colour this winter

                                  As the weather cools down and the rain rolls in we find ourselves shifting back to living indoors... more

                                  Shade of autumn

                                  Autumn is filled with an abundance of delicious and natural toned colours. Earthy and rich, comforting & captivating… more

                                  Colour lovers lookout!

                                  2015 is the year to explore new colours with new colour collections bursting with stunning options... more

                                  Colourful slumber

                                  Your master bedroom deserves some serious thought and consideration. You want this to be your dream room… more

                                  Soaking up colour

                                  Bathrooms can be beautiful and stylish statement spaces. No longer just practical rooms for bathing or cleaning... more

                                  Winning combinations

                                  Curtains have the ability to transform a room from the mundane and turn it into something truly amazing... more

                                  Outer layer

                                  Create a great first impression with expert advice on your exterior colour scheme. As your roof is the most expensive... more

                                  Wallpaper & paint

                                  When it comes to selecting wallpaper and paint colours for your home, the choices can feel overwhelming… more

                                  Practical products

                                  We look at why selecting the right product for the right use is so important. When it comes to building or renovating... more

                                  Where to start

                                  For colour consultant Jenny Heperi, of Carpet Court, creating the perfect colour palette all begins with the flooring... more

                                  Other projects

                                  Make a lemonade stand
                                  Mother's Day succulents

                                  Create these beautiful hand-painted jars and fill with succulents... more
                                  Make a lemonade stand
                                  Milo’s lemonade stand

                                  Here’s a fantastic Summer project for the kids... more
                                  Build a hedgehog house for your garden
                                  Hedgehog house

                                  Make a hedgehog house for your garden... view
                                  Refurbished table and chairs
                                  Table and chairs

                                  Kids will love these super-smart table and chairs... view
                                  Create your own Advent Calendar
                                  Advent Calendar

                                  Make your own... view
                                  Create shelves from crates
                                  Crate mates - shelves

                                  Build these shelves... view
                                  Spill art
                                  Spill art

                                  Create your own masterpiece... view
                                  Resene Blackboard Paint
                                  Chalk labelling

                                  Getting creative with Resene Blackboard Paint... view

                                  Resene Paints Ltd

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