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                                  Fringe's colourful palette

                                  Enjoy the colourful shows of Fringe and the colourful colour palette that goes with them. Each show comes complete with it's own coloured Fringe 'x marks the spot'. Check out the colour range below.


                                  Resene Upstage

                                  Resene Rebel

                                  Resene Jumpstart

                                  Resene Courage

                                  Resene Arthouse

                                  Resene Breakfree

                                  Resene Crossroads

                                  Resene Dynamite

                                  Resene X Factor

                                  Resene Hot N Spicy

                                  Resene Adrenalin Junkie

                                  Resene Bullseye

                                  Resene Code Red

                                  Resene Chaos

                                  Resene Red Hot

                                  Resene Pulse

                                  Resene Havoc

                                  Resene Whizz Bang

                                  Resene Alter Ego

                                  Resene Aphrodisiac

                                  Resene Bliss

                                  Resene Adore

                                  Resene Rock N Roll{{

                                  Resene Vibe

                                  Resene Knockout

                                  Resene Smitten

                                  Resene Pursuit

                                  Resene Daredevil

                                  Resene Outrageous

                                  Resene Pizazz

                                  Resene Flashback

                                  Resene Carpe Diem

                                  Resene High Noon

                                  Resene April Sun

                                  Resene Supernova

                                  Resene Spotlight

                                  Resene Switched On

                                  Resene Wild Thing

                                  Resene Shooting Star

                                  Resene Buzz

                                  Resene Alo Alo

                                  Resene Billy T

                                  Resene Wellywood

                                  Resene Wham

                                  Resene Howzat

                                  Resene Area 51

                                  Resene Mother Earth

                                  Resene Globe

                                  Resene Free Spirit

                                  Resene Hullabaloo

                                  Resene Awash

                                  Resene Limitless

                                  Resene Optimist

                                  Resene Lure

                                  Resene Curious Blue

                                  Resene Float

                                  Resene Spray

                                  Resene Escape

                                  Resene Anchor

                                  Resene Relax

                                  Resene Oxygen

                                  Resene Adventure

                                  Resene Decadence

                                  Resene Believe

                                  Resene Clowning Around

                                  Resene Sassy

                                  Resene Boogie Wonderland

                                  Resene Paints Ltd

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                                  Our vision is to be respected as a trusted, ethical and sustainable company and acknowledged as the leading provider of innovative paint and colour technology. View Resene’s profile, Quality Policy, Environmental Policy and Health & Safety Policy.

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                                  Colours shown on this website are a representation only. Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.   See measurements/conversions for more details on how electronic colour values are achieved.

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