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                                  Hanmer Springs palette

                                  Kindly supplied by Hurunui District Council. Click on a swatch to view a large sample.



                                  Resene Silver Sand

                                  Resene Mountain Mist

                                  Resene Jumbo

                                  Resene Suva Grey

                                  Resene Boulder

                                  Resene Concord

                                  Resene Friar Grey

                                  Resene Delta Grey

                                  Resene Grey Nickel

                                  Resene Pale Slate

                                  Resene Pumice

                                  Resene Cloud

                                  Resene Pine Cone

                                  Resene Squirrel

                                  Resene Bronco

                                  Resene Green Mist

                                  Resene Thistle

                                  Resene Canvas

                                  Resene Granite Green

                                  Resene Peat

                                  Resene Locust

                                  Resene Flax

                                  Resene Siam

                                  Resene Husk

                                  Resene Brandy

                                  Resene Whiskey

                                  Resene Putty

                                  Resene Calico

                                  Resene Twine

                                  Resene Sandwisp

                                  Resene Soft Amber

                                  Resene Copper Rust

                                  Resene Thatch

                                  Resene Teak

                                  Resene Pewter

                                  Roof and trim


                                  Resene Nevada

                                  Resene Trout

                                  Resene Charade

                                  Resene Baltic Sea

                                  Resene Dune

                                  Resene Mortar

                                  Resene Ship Grey

                                  Resene Cork

                                  Resene Graphite

                                  Resene Tobago

                                  Resene Cuban Tan

                                  Resene Bokara Grey

                                  Resene Birch

                                  Resene Lisban Brown

                                  Resene Kelp

                                  Resene Scrub

                                  Resene Pine Tree

                                  Resene Sepia

                                  Resene Heath

                                  Resene Havana

                                  Resene Bronze

                                  Resene Brown Pod

                                  Resene Rangoon Green

                                  Resene Maire

                                  Resene Dark Tan

                                  Resene Mulled Wine



                                  Resene Cannon Pink

                                  Resene Blackberry

                                  Resene Mulberry

                                  Resene Toledo

                                  Resene Persian Red

                                  Resene Copper Rust

                                  Resene Chocolate

                                  Resene Cola

                                  Resene Madras

                                  Resene Saddle Brown

                                  Resene Brown Bramble

                                  Resene Antique Brass

                                  Resene Peru Tan

                                  Resene Rope
                                  Resene Hawaiian Tan
                                  Resene Hawaiian Tan

                                  Resene Reno Sand

                                  Resene Hot Curry

                                  Resene Afghan Tan

                                  Resene Mandalay

                                  Resene Sahara

                                  Resene Hacienda

                                  Resene Yukon Gold
                                  Resene Mustard
                                  Trendy green
                                  Resene Trendy Green

                                  Resene Tacao

                                  Resene Harvest Gold

                                  Resene Turtle Green

                                  Resene Verdun Green

                                  Resene Rain Forest

                                  Resene Wild Willow

                                  Resene Como

                                  Resene Everglade

                                  Resene Cardin Green

                                  Resene Swamp

                                  Resene Black Bean

                                  Resene Fiji Green

                                  Resene Jade

                                  Resene Elm

                                  Resene Blue Stone

                                  Resene Cyprus

                                  Resene Tiber

                                  Resene Prussian Blue

                                  Resene Astronaut Blue

                                  Resene Chathams Blue

                                  Resene Calypso
                                  These colours are a representation only. Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.

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                                  Colours shown on this website are a representation only. Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.   See measurements/conversions for more details on how electronic colour values are achieved.

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