Fun with furniture

                                  Got some furniture that needs making over? Resene and Mark Rayner show you how to give your furniture a new lease of life with Resene paints and wood stains.

                                  Paint an wooden chair
                                  #62 Outdoor painted table

                                  Transform an old wooden planter box into a stylish outdoor drinks table... view
                                  Paint an wooden chair
                                  #61 Painted wooden chair

                                  Give an old painted wooden chair a new lease of life... view
                                  Paint an garden chair
                                  #60 Garden chair

                                  Go bold and brighten up an old garden chair... view
                                  Paint garden shelves
                                  #59 Plant shelves

                                  It’s easy to brighten up a corner of a conservatory... view
                                  Revamp an garden bench
                                  #58 Outdoor work bench

                                  It’s easy to revamp an old wooden work bench... view
                                  Build and paint a garden table
                                  #57 Garden table

                                  It’s easy to create this stylish retro garden table... view
                                  Paint a wooden stool
                                  #56 Avocado stool

                                  It’s easy to transform a plain wooden stool into a glossy retro... view
                                  Transorm an entertainment unit
                                  #55 Entertainment unit

                                  Transform a custom built MDF entertainment unit... view
                                  Turn a cupboard door into a garden table
                                  #54 Upcycled table

                                  Upcycle an old cupboard door into a handy table... view
                                  Paint garden bench
                                  #53 Garden bench

                                  It’s easy to give an old wooden garden bench a new lease of life... view
                                  Paint an wooden retro chair
                                  #52 Retro chair

                                  It’s easy to transform a humble laminate chair... view
                                  Revamped cupboard
                                  #51 Side table

                                  Transform a drab wooden side table into a high gloss treasure... view
                                  Revamped cupboard
                                  #50 Revamped cupboard

                                  Give an old painted cupboard a new lease of life... view
                                  Turn an old table into a feature.
                                  #49 White table

                                  Turn an old table into a stylish feature... view
                                  Make drawers into shelves.
                                  #48 Drawer shelves

                                  Transform an old kitchen drawer into a funky shelf unit... view
                                  Build and paint an bench.
                                  #47 Red bench

                                  It’s easy to create this vibrant red bench with a little bit of help... view
                                  Garden workbench
                                  #46 Garden workbench

                                  It’s easy to create this practical outdoor work bench... view
                                  Stain a bookcase
                                  #45 Pine bookcase

                                  Brighten up a plain pine bookcase using a vibrant orange... view
                                  Refinish an outdoor chair
                                  #44 Outdoor chair

                                  Breathe new life into a tired outdoor chair using Resene GP Metal... view
                                  Transform an old set of drawers
                                  #43 Bedside unit

                                  Transform an old set of drawers into a colourful bedside unit.... view
                                  Transform a caravan cupboard
                                  #42 Caravan cupboard

                                  Transform an old varnished caravan cupboard into a retro gem.... view
                                  Make a smart workbench
                                  #41 Make a workbench

                                  It’s easy to create this smart and practical work bench... view
                                  Make garage shelving
                                  #40 Garage shelving

                                  It’s easy to create this impressive garage shelving using precut fence palings and some Resene know-how... view
                                  Paint a stripes on a wooden chair
                                  #39 Paint a striped chair

                                  Transform a plain chair into a colourful masterpiece using a selection of testpots from Resene... view
                                  Paint a wooden bench
                                  #38 Garden bench

                                  Smarten up an old wooden garden bench with a little bit of help from Resene... view
                                  Refinish a metal table
                                  #37 Corner table

                                  Use bold Resene Black to give a new lease of life to a tired metal corner table... view
                                  Paint a three tone chair
                                  #36 Three tone chair

                                  Use bold Resene Black to give a new lease of life to a tired metal corner table... view

                                  #35 Pink bookshelves

                                  Using a bright and bold
                                  colour scheme... view
                                  How to give a distressed look to a kitchen cupboard
                                  #34 Kitchen cupboard

                                  Give a distressed look to a kitchen cupboard... view
                                  Make-over a wrought iron table with Resene Super Gloss enamel
                                  #33 Painted iron table
                                  Refresh a wrought iron table with Resene paint... view
                                  Give old MDF shelves a make-over
                                  #32 Shelving unit
                                  Give a MDF shelving unit a new lease of life... view
                                  Create this stylish display case
                                  #31 Display case
                                  Transform an old corner unit into a chic display case... view
                                  Create this stylish outdoor bench
                                  #30 Outdoor bench
                                  Turn a garden bench into a stylish piece of outdoor furniture... view
                                  Transform an old wooden bookcase into an elegant piece of furniture
                                  #29 Wooden bookcase
                                  Transform a wooden bookcase into an elegant piece of furniture... view
                                  Make a real statement with this theatrical twist on a bentwood chair.
                                  #28 Bentwood chair
                                  A theatrical twist on a traditional bentwood chair... view
                                  Use an wooden picture frame to create an occasional table
                                  #27 Picture frame table
                                  Make a fabulous table from a picture frame... view
                                  Display stand for crafts made from stool
                                  #26 Crafty display stand
                                  Turn an old painted wooden stool into a crafty display stand... view
                                  Bench seat
                                  #25 Bench seat

                                  Turn a plain bench seat into a cool contemporary feature... view
                                  Simple stool
                                  #24 Simple stool

                                  Use a fabulous combination of colour and varnish to turn a plain stool into a funky feature.... view
                                  Wooden Cabinet
                                  #23 Wooden cabinet
                                  Give a plain wooden cabinet an instant transformation using Resene Danska Teak Oil... view
                                  Telephone table
                                  #22 Telephone table

                                  Turn an old wooden circular coffee table into a stylish retro telephone table... view
                                  Painted display stand
                                  #21 Painted display stand

                                  Turn an old set of wooden steps into a quirky display stand for ornaments, books or plants.... view
                                  Refinishing a rocking chair
                                  #20 Rocking chair

                                  Turn an old rocking chair into a subtle piece of furniture... view
                                  Distressed table
                                  #19 Distressed table

                                  Give an old wooden side table a shabby chic makeover... view
                                  Contemporary style to drawers
                                  #18 Contemporary drawers

                                  Give a chest of drawers a modern revamp using a subtle two-tone combination... view
                                  Colorful Kitchen cupboard
                                  #17 Kitchen cupboard

                                  Give an chest of drawers a modern revamp with contemporary Resene colours.... view
                                  Paint palette drinks table
                                  #16 Paint palette drinks table

                                  Turn a drinks table into this artinspired masterpiece – complete with colourful coasters... view
                                  Checked stool
                                  #15 Checked stool

                                  Turn a simple wooden piece of furniture... view
                                  Playroom table
                                  #14 Playroom table

                                  Transform an old coffee table into a fab piece of playroom furniture... view
                                  Smooth Metallic Drawers
                                  #13 Metallic drawers

                                  Transform an old chest of drawers into sleek and modern... view
                                  Occasional table
                                  #12 Occasional table

                                  Construct this occasional table and get the shabby chic finish.... view
                                  Hot pink shelves
                                  #11 Hot pink shelves

                                  Transform an old shelving unit into a fabulously colourful feature... view
                                  Striped table
                                  #10 Striped table

                                  Turn a wooden table into a quirky feature... view
                                  Kitchen chair
                                  #9 Kitchen chair
                                  Create a funky kitchen chair using three sizzling Resene colours.... view
                                  Testpot table
                                  #8 Testpot table

                                  Turn a tired old table into a work of art with a few Resene testpots.... view
                                  Metallic cabinet
                                  #7 Metallic cabinet

                                  Transform a MDF bedroom cabinet into a metallic masterpiece... view
                                  Cool-coloured bookcase
                                  #6 Cool-coloured bookcase

                                  A cool three-colour combo. gives a bookcase new stylish effect ... view
                                  Dazzling deckchair
                                  #5 Dazzling deckchair

                                  An eye-catching piece of garden furniture... view
                                  Funky drawers
                                  #4 Funky drawers

                                  Transform an old set of drawers into a funky piece of furniture.... view
                                  Splattered chair
                                  #3 Splattered chair

                                  A few Resene testpots transform an old chair into a work of modern art .... view
                                  faux black laquer plant stand
                                  #2 Faux plant stand

                                  Create a sleek black lacquered effect using Resene Enamacryl gloss.... view
                                  Refurbish an old coffee table
                                  #1 Hot coffee table

                                  Transform an old coffee table into a fabulous feature... view

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