Easy garden project ideas

                                  Make the most of your garden and outdoor area with these DIY projects, designed to help you brighten the great outdoors. We hope that you find them inspiring to make the most of your outdoor space.    › Kiwi Gardener   › NZ Gardener   

                                  Projects from Kiwi Gardener

                                  Build a potting bench for your garden
                                  Potting bench

                                  This waist-height bench will be your ideal companion... more
                                  Make a covered garden bed
                                  A cosy bed

                                  Get ready for the cooler months with this nifty covered raised bed... more
                                  Upcycle an old wooden ladder into a plant stand
                                  Ladder display

                                  Upcycle an old wooden ladder into a stylish plant stand... more
                                  Build a wooden boardwalk
                                  The boardwalk

                                  This simple raised boardwalk is an ideal solution for a pathway... more
                                  Paint terracotta pots and make a windchime
                                  Terracotta windchime

                                  Kids will have fun decorating these pots to show off their artwork... more
                                  Make an wall herb hanger
                                  Herb hanger

                                  This stylish space-saving herb hanger can be easily made with timber... more
                                  Paint an rust effect on your garden pot.
                                  The rust effect

                                  Transform an old terracotta pot into a stylish rusty metallic feature... more
                                  Make an wooden christmas tree
                                  Christmas tree

                                  Create this simple Christmas tree decoration to add festive cheer... more
                                  Build a planter bench for your garden
                                  Planter bench

                                  Planter bench It’s easy to utilise the edge of an raised bed... more
                                  Driftwood planter
                                  Driftwood planters

                                  Collecting driftwood is a fun activity and keeps the kids entertained. Try making these planters... more
                                  Movable plant frame
                                  Movable planter for climbing crops

                                  Now that summer’s on the way, create this nifty upright planter on wheels... more
                                  Build a plant frame for your garden
                                  Plant support frame

                                  Create this simple plant frame from treated timber – perfect for supporting vege... more
                                  How to make a potting bench
                                  Pallet hanger

                                  Go green and upcycle an old wooden pallet into this crafty potted plant display... more
                                  Make a bird bath for your garden

                                  It’s easy to turn a few terracotta pots into a stylish birdbath following our simple step-by-step guide... more
                                  How to make a potting bench
                                  Potting bench

                                  Treat yourself in time for spring and construct this useful potting bench with built-in sink and tap... more
                                  Make a succulent planter
                                  Lean-to glasshouse

                                  Go green and construct this handy lean-to glasshouse from recycled window frames... more
                                  Make a succulent planter
                                  Succulent hanger

                                  Winter might be here, but you can still create a bright spot with a little bit of handiwork... more
                                  Make a fire pit or coffee table
                                  Fire pit/coffee table

                                  Keep warm in the cooler weather with this easy to build fire pit or coffee table... more
                                  How to build a plant nursery
                                  Plant nursery

                                  Keep plants protected and strike successful cuttings... more
                                  Concrete block planters
                                  Succulent colour

                                  Add bold lashings of vibrancy to your space with bright mini gardens... more
                                  Make a rack to store your fruit and veges
                                  Pallet planter

                                  Old pallets are the ideal building blocks for a smart, upcycled planter.... more
                                  Make a rack to store your fruit and veges
                                  Rack it up

                                  A space-saving produce rack is great for storing your garden bounty... more
                                  Make a frame to hang your pot plants
                                  Indoor plant frame

                                  Show off your favourite plants on this easy-to-make display... more
                                  DIY shade cloth
                                  DIY shade cloth

                                  Escape the hot summer sun with this nifty shade cloth... more
                                  Make a wooden hammock
                                  Garden hammock

                                  Here’s a great addition to the backyard that will see you enjoying the lazy days of summer in style... more
                                  Make a wooden christmas tree
                                  Pallet Christmas tree

                                  Create a festive splash of colour in the garden with this easy-to-build recycled Christmas tree decoration... more
                                  Make a bug hotel
                                  Bug hotel

                                  Let the bugs check in for a five-star experience in this upmarket hotel made from reclaimed materials... more
                                  Make a bean frame
                                  Runner bean frame

                                  Go green this summer and grow your own runner beans on this easy-to-build bean frame... more
                                  Paint a wicker basket
                                  Brighten up the season's harvests

                                  Treat some old wicker baskets to some ombre-inspired shading in your favourite hues... more
                                  Make a vertical planter
                                  Vertical planter

                                  This upright planter is ideal for where space is limited... more
                                  Make a wheelbarow planter.
                                  Wheelbarrow planter

                                  It’s easy to create this fun wheelbarrow planter – perfect for showing off a display of seasonal colour... more
                                  Build a vertical wall planter.
                                  Storage planter

                                  A new planter box - one that serves as a place to stash plant pots or tuck a hose out of sight too... more
                                  Build a vertical wall planter.
                                  Feed the birds

                                  Now that it is getting colder, it is time to think about providing food for your garden birds... more
                                  Vertical greenhouse
                                  Vertical glasshouse

                                  Create this fabulous upright glasshouse from recycled wooden windows... more
                                  Build a vertical wall planter.
                                  A place for potted plants

                                  Go vertical with this easy-to-build plant display stand – perfect for showing off your potted beauties... more
                                  Make a potted rose planter
                                  DIY rose planter

                                  Create this classic rose planter from landscaping timber and trellis battening... more
                                  Herb planter
                                  Stacked herb planter

                                  A simple yet stylish herb planter that uses four differently sized terracotta pots... more
                                  Tree arbour
                                  Pyramid planter

                                  Go vertical with this stylish pyramid planter - perfect for adding some instant height... more
                                  Build a raised tree bed
                                  Raised tree bed

                                  Create a stylish raised bed that’s perfect for adding instant extra height when planting a smaller tree... more
                                  Tree arbour
                                  A great garden arbour

                                  Create a stylish arbour that’s perfect for espaliering a pair of fruit trees... more
                                  Create a traditional summer house
                                  Summer retreat

                                  If the new year means a new shed, why not turn the old one into a traditional summer house? ... more
                                  Outdoor shelves
                                  Outdoor shelves

                                  Create a smart outdoor shelving unit that’s perfect for displaying... more
                                  Make a DIY Water Feature
                                  DIY Water Feature

                                  Create a simple and stylish mini water feature... more
                                  Make a bamboo bean frame
                                  Make a bamboo bean frame

                                  Make a simple bamboo growing frame, perfect for beans... more
                                  Make a compost bin
                                  Build a bin

                                  Create a simple and inexpensive compost bin... more
                                  Plant suport arch
                                  Plant support arch

                                  Frame a favourite piece of garden art and support two climbing plants... more
                                  DIY Cold Frame
                                  DIY cold frame

                                  It’s surprisingly easy to create a handy cold frame... more
                                  Espalier fruit tree support frame
                                  Espalier support frame

                                  Create a sturdy wooden support to espalier an existing fruit tree... more
                                  Make a mini raised garden bed
                                  Transform your patch

                                  An old wooden fence and drab corner of the garden is transformed... more
                                  How to make a herb planter
                                  Chalkboard planter

                                  A kitchen asset, this will keep your favourite flavours within reach... more
                                  BBQ unit with chopping board
                                  BBQ unit with chopping board

                                  A clever outdoor unit to complement your outdoor food prep area.... more
                                  Wall-mounted cold frame
                                  Wall-mounted cold frame

                                  Make a space-efficient winter garden essential... more
                                  Upcycle a wheelbarrow
                                  Upcycle a wheelbarrow

                                  Turn that rust bucket of a wheelbarrow into something flash... more
                                  Reclaimed storage rack
                                  Reclaimed storage rack

                                  Upcycle a pallet and old kitchen forks to help keep garden tools... more
                                  Tea for two
                                  Tea for two

                                  Spruce up old metal tables and chairs to transform... more
                                  Tiered planter
                                  Tiered planter

                                  Create a simple tiered planter perfect for herbs or... more
                                  A solar table light
                                  Summer living

                                  A solar table light will add atmosphere... more
                                  Festive bunting
                                  Festive bunting

                                  There’s nothing like a fun flash of festive colour... more
                                  One for the birds

                                  It's easy to create this simple birdhouse... more
                                  Cascading planter box
                                  Cascading planter box

                                  This planter box adds colour to any garden setting... more
                                  How to repair and repaint your porch floor
                                  Painting your porch

                                  How to repair and repaint porches... more
                                  How to build a potting bench
                                  Potting bench

                                  Make a potting bench from fence palings... more
                                  How to build an inexpensive cold frame
                                  Simple cold frame

                                  Build a cold frame for your garden... more
                                  Build a pallet and paling playhouse
                                  Pallet playhouse

                                  Create a playhouse using discarded wood... more
                                  Build stackable planter boxes from reclaimed timber, ideal for your herbs
                                  Stackable herb planters

                                  Build stackable herb planters... more
                                  Refresh old trallis fencing with a clean and repaint
                                  Fancy fencing

                                  Refresh old trellis with Resene... more
                                  Get creative with succulents in this table decoration
                                  Succulent planter

                                  Create this a wall display... more
                                  Chic plant shelf made from recycled louvre door
                                  Recycled plant shelf

                                  Make a chic display shelf... more
                                  Metallic finish on a concrete statue
                                  Metallic statue

                                  Paint a metallic masterpiece... view
                                  Indoor plant stand
                                  Indoor plant stand

                                  Build a stylish indoor plant stand... view
                                  Build a rustic birdhouse
                                  Rustic birdhouse

                                  Make a reclaimed wooden rustic birdhouse... view
                                  An all-weather doormat
using grooved decking
                                  Decking doormat

                                  How to make a doormat using grooved decking... view
                                  Garden art panel
                                  Garden art panel

                                  Create a decorative painted art panel... view
                                  Wooden mailbox transformed with Resene metallic paint
                                  Metallic mailbox
                                  How to paint a mailbox with Resene Metallic paints... view
                                  Two solutions to clean up a tired deck
                                  Hit the deck

                                  How to clean up a tired deck... view
                                  Create tin can plant pots to hang on your fence
                                  Tin can fence pots

                                  Turn tin cans into vertical planters... view
                                  How to create a simple hanging bird feeder
                                  Mini bird feeder

                                  How to create a simple hanging bird feeder... view
                                  3 great ideas to keep your pots watered
                                  Three ways to water pots

                                  Make these pot 'waterers' for summer... view
                                  Give a tired deck a new lease of life with Resene Wood OIl Stain
                                  Dynamic decking

                                  How to refresh your deck... view
                                  Grow salad greens or beautiful flowers in an old plastic barrow
                                  A barrow of blooms

                                  Stylish summer potted colour planter... view
                                  A plant display using an old window frame
                                  Window plant display

                                  Create this plant display from a window frame... view
                                  A whirligig bird scarer
                                  Daisy bird scarer

                                  How to build a simple whirligig bird scarer... view
                                  Build a patio drinks table from recycled timber
                                  Recycled drinks table

                                  Build a patio drinks table from recycled timber... view
                                  How to build a wooden window box
                                  Wooden window box
                                  How to build a wooden window box... view
                                  How to transform a terracotta pot into a bright and cheerful planter for some potted winter colour
                                  Winter planter

                                  Transform a terracotta pot into a bright planter... view
                                  How to turn an old wooden pallet into a nifty space-saving upright planter
                                  Recycled pallet planter

                                  Make a wooden pallet into a space-saving planter... view
                                  Make a colourful hanging peg box from treated plywood
                                  Hanging peg box

                                  How to make this colourful
                                  hanging peg box... view
                                  Make some simple outdoor shelves for displaying potted plants
                                  Outdoor shelves

                                  How to create simple outdoor shelves... view
                                  Create this simple display ladder for your favourite potted plants
                                  Pot ladder shelves

                                  How to build these ladder shelves... view
                                  Build an outdoor coffee table
                                  Outdoor coffee table

                                  Create this simple outdoor coffee table... view
                                  Blackboard cupboard
                                  Blackboard cupboard

                                  Make a blackboard cupboard for the shed... view
                                  Christmas tree table decoration
                                  Christmas decoration

                                  Create this simple outdoor table Christmas tree... view
                                  Make these colourful worm towers to improve your garden
                                  Worm towers

                                  How to make these colourful worm towers... more
                                  Dragonfly art from recycled bed legs
                                  Dragonfly art

                                  Recycle bed legs become dragonflies... view
                                  Indoor/outdoor chair
                                  Indoor/outdoor chair

                                  Turn an old wooden kitchen chair into patio furniture... view
                                  Staining a timber fence
                                  Stained timber fence

                                  How to smarten up a timber fence... view
                                  Picnic table
                                  Picnic table

                                  Paint a wooden picnic table - a new lease of life... view
                                  Seed storage unit
                                  Green seed drawers

                                  Make this seed storage unit from recycled materials... view
                                  Raised bed with seat
                                  Raised bed with seat

                                  Build this stylish raised bed from landscaping timber... view
                                  Decorative hanging planter
                                  Wall plant display

                                  How to make a hanging plant display... view
                                  Growing box for seedlings
                                  Growing box

                                  Create this nifty growing box and newspaper pots... view
                                  Garden art panel
                                  Garden art panel

                                  Make this bright tulip garden art panel... view
                                  Plywood mailbox
                                  Plywood mailbox

                                  How to paint a new plywood mailbox... view
                                  DIY Compost Bin
                                  Compost bin

                                  How to make a nifty composter... view
                                  Fragrant outdoor solar light
                                  Fragrant solar light

                                  Create this fragrant outdoor solar light... view

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