Toys and games – projects to try out at your place

                                  Create your own entertainment with these how to step by step toys and games ideas to suit a range of ages. Have fun creating the toy or game and then just as much fun playing it.

                                  Build a puppet theatre
                                  #36 Puppet theatre

                                  Create this amazing puppet theatre for your kids... view
                                  Make an chair for your toys and dolls
                                  #35 Toy chair

                                  It’s easy to create this vibrant chair for toys and dolls... view
                                  Paint a treasure chest
                                  #34 Treasure chest

                                  Turn an old jewellery box into a gold treasure chest... view
                                  Paint a chalkboard table
                                  #33 Chalkboard table

                                  It’s easy to create this fun chalkboard table... view
                                  Paint a balloon target game
                                  #32 Balloon target

                                  It’s easy to create this colourful target game... view
                                  Paint a rain stick
                                  #31 Rain stick

                                  Kids will love to hear the sound of rain indoors with this easy-to-make rain stick... view
                                  Paint a metallic rocking horse
                                  #30 Metallic rocking horse

                                  Transform an old painted rocking horse into a metallic masterpiece... view
                                  Paint a blue chalkboard
                                  #29 Blue chalkboard

                                  Create this fabulous blue chalkboard from an old framed picture... view
                                  Recycle a tennis racket
                                  #28 Tennis racket

                                  Give an old wooden tennis racket a new lease of life... view
                                  Make a printing stamp set
                                  #27 Dolls house

                                  Transform an old wooden bookcase into a fun doll house... view
                                  Make a printing stamp set
                                  #26 Printing stamps

                                  Simple printing stamps to keep any child entertained... view
                                  Build a little desk
                                  #25 Little desk

                                  Create this cute mini desk from an old drawer and cupboard door... view
                                  Paint a dolls pram
                                  #24 Doll’s pram

                                  Revamp an old doll’s pram using a fresh combination of white and yellow... view
                                  Cube puzzle
                                  #23 Cube puzzle

                                  Transform old wooden blocks into a cube puzzle... view
                                  Make a  set of dominoes
                                  #22 Dominoes

                                  Make this smart set of dominoes... view
                                  Make a glitter mirror
                                  #21 Glitter mirror

                                  Make this mirror a glittery masterpiece ... view
                                  Make a string puppet
                                  #20 String puppet

                                  Create this fun clown string puppet ... view
                                  Blackboard blocks with letters on them
                                  #19 Blackboard blocks
                                  Teach your child to read with blackboard blocks... view
                                  Paint your own pink piggy bank
                                  #18 Pink piggy bank

                                  Transform a paper maché money box into a pink piggy bank... view
                                  How to make a doll's bed
                                  #17 Doll's bed

                                  Create this easy-to build doll’s bed for hours of playtime enjoyment... view
                                  Make a metallic skateboard
                                  #16 Skateboard

                                  Transform a skateboard into a metallic masterpiece... view
                                  Fabulous wooden elephant toy
                                  #15 Wooden elephant

                                  Fabulous wooden elephant toy made for hours of play... view
                                  Create a chess board
                                  #14 Chess board

                                  Create this fabulous wooden chess board... view
                                  Have fun outdoors with these stilts
                                  #13 Stilts

                                  These stilts are perfect for some outdoor summer fun... view
                                  Create a these paddle bats from plywood
                                  #12 Paddle bats

                                  Turn a piece of old plywood into a pair of fabulous paddle bats... view
                                  Create a classic wooden tangram puzzle of a cat
                                  #11 Wooden puzzle

                                  Create a classic wooden tangram puzzle of a cat... view
                                  Blackboard toybox
                                  #10 Blackboard toybox

                                  Blackboard lidded toy box
                                  – keep things tidy... view
                                  Game of skittles
                                  #9 Colourful skittles

                                  Turn old wooden bed legs into a colourful game of skittles... view
                                  Kewpie doll ornament
                                  #8 Kewpie doll

                                  Turn a blank ceramic form into a cute kewpie doll ornament... view
                                  Building blocks
                                  #7 Building blocks

                                  It’s easy to create these colourful traditional wooden building blocks... view
                                  Petanque court
                                  #6 Petanque court

                                  Create this fabulous petanque court for some outdoor recreation... view

                                  #5 Painted toy cart

                                  Transform an old wooden toy cart into a colourful creation... view
                                  Make a game
                                  #4 Button drop

                                  Turn an old wooden table or stool into this easy ‘aim and drop’ button game... view
                                  #3 Blackboard

                                  Easy-to make blackboard, the whole project can be done in a day... view
                                  #2 Hoopla
                                  Make this simple colourful hoopla game in a few hours... view
                                  Table tennis table
                                  #1 Table tennis table

                                  A regulation size table tennis table is great fun for all ages... view

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